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Pennsylvania Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

Switching To LED Lights

Commercial LED lighting delivers reliable illumination with energy savings that help you control overall costs. The lighting experts at Leer Electric, Inc. can design and install energy-efficient LED lighting that suits your space.

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to LED lights. Energy savings of 35-75% over traditional lighting makes LED lights an obvious choice for saving money, especially when your business facility requires lots of illumination. These energy-efficient lights also make your workplace eco-friendlier, and the low-maintenance requirements mean you spend less time changing out bulbs or repairing fixtures.

You can choose to retrofit your existing lighting setup to use LED bulbs or change your fixture style entirely. Whether you’re installing lights in a sales showroom or improving visibility in a warehouse, there are a wide range of commercial LED lighting options to choose from. Our designers can help you decide which type of lighting works best for your facility and what locations provide optimal brightness in the areas where you need it most.

large LED lights lighting a business walkway

LED Lighting For Retail Businesses

Lighting designed for a retail or showroom setting should put the focus on products and displays you’ve designed to attract retail clients. Attractive LED lighting options combine efficiency, reduced energy costs, and highlight attention-getting designs. Consider layering lighting by using different types of fixtures. Pairing bright and welcoming overhead lighting with directed task lighting helps you design a pleasant retail experience as well as guide clients through your store. Recessed lights with LED bulbs give your space a clean, professional look.

Exterior LED lighting along the path leading to your store or restaurant helps evening customers maneuver their way to your front door. LED lighting on the outside of your business makes your facade stand out at night.

Industrial And Commercial LED Lighting Options

Industrial facilities and commercial storerooms require bright commercial LED lighting that fills the space with illumination and enhances visibility in key areas. High-quality lighting provides reliability over time, ensuring that you can complete essential tasks in a well-lit space day or night. Light levels in an LED-lit building remain consistent throughout various areas of your facility for even brightness, no matter where you’re working. LED lights also work for outdoor areas, including parking lots, docks, and outdoor storage yards.

High bay fixtures work well in garages or manufacturing facilities, while LED tube lights and flat panels provide enough illumination for office suites. Fixtures designed with a seal to prevent condensation buildup work well for damp areas.

Full-Service Lighting And Electrical Services

When you rely on Leer Electric, Inc. for commercial LED lighting upgrades, you get a full-service company that can handle everything from initial lighting design to long-term maintenance. Our technicians can also set up automation for your LED light system, giving you the option of precisely controlling when your lights turn on and off each day or adding a motion sensor so lights are only active when someone is in the room. Our technicians also handle the installation and maintenance of alarm systems, data cabling, and other types of electrical work for convenient service bundling. On-call 24/7 service ensures a quick response whenever you need assistance with your lighting.

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